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Printed Book to ePub Conversion provides printed book to epub ebook conversion services. With the invention of the iPhone, iPad, and other epub reader devices, the epub format ebooks are now in great demand. With this growing trend, authors and publishers are now more optimistic about converting their printed book to epub ebook format.

Convert Printed Book to ePub

The printed book to epub conversion process is quite costly and time consuming. At, we provide this printed book to epub ebook conversion service at highly reasonable rates with excellent quality in less time. Send us your printed book, we will scan it, perform the necessary OCR (optical character recognition) scan, and prepare the input file to ensure it is properly documented for epub ebook conversion. We will make sure the final epub format ebook is maintained with appropriate layouts and no typos, misspellings, or other major/minor errors.

Our ebook conversion staff is highly proficient and knowledgeable. We will always make sure you get the best service for your expectations.

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Among the many people who I have hired to help me during the 16 years it has taken to write and publish my book, Bob Mehta at stands out as exceptional. He did everything quickly, and he went the extra mile to help someone who finds technology challenging, and to make sure that I ended up with a quality product. I find such an experience all the more surprising because we worked together from a distance. Too often I’ve found that if I’m not meeting in person with people I hire, they aren’t as responsive and communication becomes more challenging. Not so with Bob. I’m not sure when he sleeps because he sometimes answered my emails or returned manuscript corrections over the weekend.

Surprisingly, in the end, I’m actually glad that I couldn’t manage to upload my book to Amazon’s Kindle site by myself because I got more value by hiring Bob. I ended up learning about other digital reading devices where my book could be published and getting a better quality ebook.

Poisoned by Pollution
Author: Anne Lipscomb

Anne Lipscomb