inDesign to ePub Conversion

inDesign to ePub Conversion

ePub is a globally accepted ebook format, which can be read on a wide range of electronic book readers. As the trend of reading ebooks increased in popularity, epub format also became the preferred industry standard worldwide. When the iPhone and other electronic reading devices developed ebook reading features, epub became the most famous ebook format in the electronic book publishing world. More publishers and authors now develop their books in epub ebook format along with the Kindle, Mobipocket, and Microsoft Reader.

The inDesign to ePub Conversion process is similar to other ebook conversion process. The simplicity or difficulty in the conversion process largely depends on the file being converted. Extensive use of images, tables, and layout formatting in the book significantly increases the difficulty of converting the file. The skill required at that point is beyond the scope of the average layperson and enlisting the help of an epub ebook conversion service provider is required.

Convert inDesign to ePub is a leader in inDesign to ePub Conversion services. We provide you with full support to convert your inDesign book to epub ebook format. In most cases, we can convert any book format, such as Word to epub format, PDF to epub format, scanned document to epub format, paperback to epub format, etc. Call us to learn more about our services.

Once you are sure about the requirements for your epub conversion project, follow the step given below:

  1. Please email the book to We can receive books up to 35 MB.
  2. If the size of your book is larger, you can upload it on our FTP server. Please contact us for login ID and password.

We convert books for authors, publishers, and copyright owners. If the book is no longer copyright protected, then please provide us the details on it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or call Bob at Supremus Group at (515) 865-4591. We can convert from any format to epub file format or format of your choice. Your ebook solution is just a phone call away.

Bob Mehta and provide all the ebook advice and technical services anyone could envision. The service is high quality and dependable. I couldn’t give them a higher recommendation.

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