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What is ePub Conversion?

ePub conversion services is gaining popularity among various writers, authors, freelance writers and hard copy publishers to fulfill the demands of the e-readers. But before going to the details about this service, you should have knowledge about what exactly ePub conversion is.

So, let’s start with ePub. EPub is an e-book file format with the extension of .epub which you can easily download and read on electronic devices like computers, tablets, smart phones or e-readers. ePub format, which is based on Open e book or XHTML 1.1 was created as a standard for e books. It provides the concrete formatting foundations for e books on different format including shape and size. Technology has changed our lives and with this innovation and people are also doing less paper work. They want to maintain documents in a digital data saving method and where epub is the recommended choice among all.

ePub is an open standard format and ePub books are easily compatible with Windows, MAC as well as Linux too. It is supported by most of eBook reading devices like iPhone, Sony Reader, the Nook, IREX Reader Hanlin Reader and Cool ER also. ePub with its XML formats file extension has been now accepted by several ebook distribution platforms like Barnes, Google books, Apple iBook Store and Noble.

Why choose ePub Conversion services for eBooks ?

Today ePub conversion is the best option as these providers have already gained so much popularity and mastered the skill of conversion. The trend of reading e book is going popular day by day because of its convenience, easy approach and compatibility. It has been internationally recognized as the most suitable and standard format among publishers and retailers. In fact good companies are passing every file over ePubcheck 3.0. It allows visitors easy interoperability between the software and hardware for digital books and allows them to read any eBook or any devices. This makes reader easy to buy eBooks from any online source. You can submit any file format like Word, PDF files, Printed books, Indexing etc. and get scanned copy of the formatted file with complete satisfaction. ePub conversion services are the best option to adopt while it comes to publish huge quantity of business data.

Google has already adopted the ePub digital book format for its digital books IREX, whereas Nobel and Barners is going to launch eReaders that can only use the ePub format. So many other businesses have already planned to create digital books using ePub. Thus, ePub conversion is now being taken up by many companies with a strong aim. But you need to remember that all ePub documents require a professional and experienced hand to provide the best result. It is not just enough to put graphs, text, images, charts and tables in right order but e-publisher should also have knowledge and expertise in computing and understanding of digital publishing.

Advantages of Converting Any Document or eBook to ePub Conversion:

While converting any document or ebooks into ePub structure file, you could get plenty of benefits as follows:

  1. ePub format is easily compatible with software and hardware reading devices.
  2. ePub data files offer great display. As most of us are studying or reading through small devices like tablets or mobiles, we need to be satisfied to view things properly and perfectly. ePub files are very clear and attractive and satisfies you as it can easily adjusted with the dimension of tablets or mobile phones or other eReaders screen while keeping the original layout and format.
  3. With ePub data file guidance, you can enable interesting multimedia features on your cellular phones. ePub structure is suitable with most of the mobile phones and eBook visitors.
  4. ePub provides problem free conversion to other formats like .RTF and .MOBI.
  5. It is cost effective for both readers and publishers.
  6. ePub conversion reduces the overall publication costs as it  allows effortless creation of ePub files for multiple distribution channels.
  7. Some devices like iPad only support ePubs and none for other formats. So, converting ebook to epub, you would be able to read ebooks freely on multiple devices.
  8. ePub is becoming a standard format in world wide web with its easy to handle efficiency.
  9. ePub books enable easy selling through different channels and networks.
  10. ePub files are suitable almost for all operating systems. So, readers would not face any complications or troubles while studying ePub records on their OS

Why Ebookconversion.com for ePub Conversions:

eBookConversion.com offers affordable, fast and seamless eBook conversion services. We already provide services to thousands of publishers and authors with 99% accuracy track record. Our company is able to integrate difficult formatting elements into your ebook conversions such as tables, graphs, text columns and images.

Benefits Outsourcing:

So, outsourcing the ePub transformation to Ebookconversion.com is a great way to get benefit and see the exponential growth in your business.

  1. You will get the assistance from our professional team who are experienced and qualified enough to guide you in the right direction.
  2. You can get different types of difficult format conversion by our experts including graphs, tables, pictures and platforms.
  3. Get top quality service at a cost effective way. We also maintain the timeline for every job.
  4. We are able to provide personalized and customized solutions.
  5. You will get 24 x7 hours of assistance from us.

By choosing ebookConversion.com as your ePub conversion partner, you can convert any digital format of eBooks including PDF, Word, HTML, XHTML, MOBI, Indesign etc. to ePub format in a cost effective way. Our professional team of experts ensures that the eBook to ePub conversion will be superior in quality and follow standard guidelines too. Our conversion services include:

  • PDF to ePub
  • MS Word to ePub
  • InDesign to ePub
  • Printed books to ePub
  • ePub files with embedded video
  • ePub with embedded audio
  • Fixed Layout ePub

We have achieved great success in providing customized ePub conversion to various universities, corporations, businesses, libraries as well as to different publishers across the globe. We give full commitment to the work quality within time.

Convert your printed book to ePub at eBookConversion.com with 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Send your unprotected manuscript to Bob Mehta at Bob@eBookconversion.com. Please ensure that your content does not exceed 35 MB.
  2. Once we receive your files, our conversion experts will provide you quotation of estimated costs and an ideal turnaround time for your ePub conversion. We will inform you if there is any conversion restrictions required.
  3. Once your payment is processed, we will start your conversion work after analyzing your text for optimal conversion rates. When the conversion is complete, we will send you a sample version of the ePub file so that you can interact and check your fully functioning file.  If you want to make any changes in the file, please inform us so that we could process further with your suggestions and do the modification.
  4. After getting final approval from your side, we will send you the unprotected ePub file right away, at which point it will be ready to integrate onto Kindle’s Marketplace.

Price Structure:

Ebookconversion.com provides highly competitive priced eBook to ePub conversion services. We have a great team of highly experienced coders and CSS experts who provide quality ePub conversion services to all its clients.

ePub format mainly consists of packaging files, container files and XHTML files which are used to create eBooks either together or separately so that it could be read on multiple devices including smart phones, Tablets or eReaders. Our ePub conversion has different level based on the complexity of the book and converting it into XHTML or any other desired format. Thus, we have developed different price structure depending on the increasing degree of complexity –

Simple Conversion – This is the easiest way of converting ePub and is charged the least

Medium Conversion – eBooks which consist of columns, rows, lists, sub-lists and multiple paragraphs would take little time to convert and thus come under this category.

Complex Conversion – The documents which carries tables, graphs, carts, lists, images and so many other small creative things will come under this and definitely would cost higher than the other two levels.

Our price rate will vary according to the complexity of conversion. However, the prices may change according to other factors also like amount of work, the volume of order, time limitation or any other formatting issues. Our content conversion specialists will take care on all these issues and after considering this will fix the final rate. So, contact us today to start publishing your digital information and customized price quote

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Bob@epubconversion.com or call Bob at Supremus Group on (515) 865-4591.

Call us now for your ePub conversion service.

I’d like to thank Bob and his team for their work on our first eBook “Exquisite Tenderness”. As a company with no previous experience in eBooks we found their service both efficient and to a high standard. I recommend them to anyone looking to venture into this market.

Duncan Catterall Publisher – New Renaissance Publications

Duncan Catterall