Why is it essential that your ebook have an attractive cover?

Most people agree that the cover of the book helps us to formulate a brief idea of the books summary. It also forms our first opinion of the book. An attractive book cover certainly generates feelings of excitement and anticipation and compels the viewer to further discover adventures and insights. A well-designed cover adds additional value to your book, conveys the book’s message, reflects well on the author, and can increase book sales. An eye-catching book cover creates a positive feeling in the consumer who will buy the book.

Our eBook Cover Design Services

At ePubConversion.com, we offer a full range of ebook cover design services to make your book stand out on the shelves. We can create any size book cover and format it to your printer’s specifications. Our cover design professionals will work with you to decide what is best- discussing the theme, direction, and audience you wish to target. This helps to better understand the style of design you are seeking. The designs created will blend properly with the genre and theme of your book.

We offer a highly competitive, flat rate for all services, and the quality of our work is unsurpassed.