Recently your company converted my manuscript Endurance into Epub and Mobi version ebooks. The expertise of your company resulted in a great looking book. As a result of your company’s outstanding performance, my book has been published on Amazon’s Kindle,, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, iBooks, and other publishers and booksellers. In the coming months, I will be completing my second book, that I will send to, based on my positive experience with your company. Thank you for talking to me on the phone and addressing my concerns about my first book. And thanks to everyone in your company for your excellent service.
Author: Gordon V. Smith
Kindle Store: ENDURANCE

This is old-fashioned service. You deal with real people who see your need, understand it, and meet the need. Quick service. Very nice job. With all “Internet” people out there, you’re just never sure of what you’ll get. This was different and I recommend them very highly.

Author: Peter Gilboy, Ph.D
The American Pearl

Peter Gilboy, Ph.D

Twice I worked with the folks at ebookconversion, and both times I was extremely satisfied with their work. I self-published my book, so I was really nervous about how things would turn out. I had lots of footnotes and pictures, which made lots of work for them to do in converting my book (and lots of potential for messing up the tiny details). I also had a few hiccups on my end that required some back-and-forth correspondence. All of my emails were answered almost immediately. They were courteous and concise. I even had to get them on the phone, and again, it was all totally painless. I have a harder time getting in touch with my credit card company. The final product was exactly as I had envisioned it. I looked around at other places and found the price to be competitive. I would absolutely recommend ebookconversion for anyone turning their print book into an electronic book. I’m pretty paranoid when it comes to technology and I thought this was going to be a nightmare; I was dead wrong. Use these folks and let this be the easiest part of writing your book.

Author: Allen Barkkume
Kindle StoreHidden Scents: The Language of Smell In the Age of Approximation

Allen Barkkume

Dear Supremas Group

I’m so delighted that my e-pub conversion of my book, Before You Forget – The Wisdom of Writing Diaries for Your Children, is complete and for sale on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook and Kobo Writing Life.

You really did a great job! Fast, thorough, responsive and helpful. You delivered what you promised and I’m really pleased with the results. The process felt intimidating until I hired you and then it was easy and quick after that. Thank you.

Author: Kelly DuMar
Kindle StoreBefore You Forget – The Wisdom of Writing Diaries for Your Children
Nook StoreBefore You Forget – The Wisdom of Writing Diaries for Your Children

Kelly DuMar

This is the 3rd time I have used ePub Conversion to convert my material. Each time they have come through in SUPERB and very timely fashion. The books that I write are medical texts. They have numerous illustrations, and are highly technical. User-friendly organization is critical to their use. In each case Bob and Sharon were there for me each step of the way. They have helped me understand how organization of ePub differs from writing a hard copy text. They have reliably transcribed my very complex material into a wonderful ePub format that allows instant access to all subject areas in my book. They have done so in very timely fashion – and always remain willing to help even after the project is complete. They have my highest endorsement and recommendation! I look forward to working more with them in the near future.

Bob, I hope that you can copy this and place it in the testimonial section on your web page.

AuthorKen Grauer, MD

Ken Grauer, MD

Bob & Sharon, to share, so far the book has been downloaded over 1200 times so far, and that’s a three and one half day total. Both your and Sharon’s service has been outstanding! Get ready as there are other books that are in the works for ebook conversion, and of course, I will only use your service. Thanks again! Jack

Bob, I hope that you can copy this and place it in the testimonial section on your web page.

Author: J. E. Thompson

J. E. Thompson

“This is the second time I’ve used this service, and I refuse to let anyone else touch my work. I’ve dealt with too many other people who don’t understand the time and effort authors put into their writing. Sharon and Bob are very helpful and responsive and always get the work done without any headaches. Everything was put together perfectly on all eBook formats. 5-star, A+ service! Thanks again guys!”

Kindle StoreWhat Not to Put on Your Resume
Nook StoreWhat Not to Put on Your Resume
Author: Daniel Stock

Daniel Stock

Thank you very much for the service. I appreciate that the result was a clean, very professional e-book, which I could proudly sell to my customers. I would choose this service again and also will tell my writer-colleagues about it.

Keep up the work!
Kindle StoreEin geniales Studium – Schneller lesen, aktiv lernen, Ziele erreichen
Author: Nikolaus Cortolezis
Text Language: German

Nikolaus Cortolezis

I have found working with Bob extremely easy and I am very satisfied with the promptness of work completion and the product.

Donald Correll, M.D.
Acute Care Horizons, LLC
(Nurse Practioner Acute Care  Protocols and Disease Management
Physician Assistant Acute Care Protocols and Disease Management)

Donald Correll, M.D

“I recently completed my first eBook project with Supremus Group LLC and I am so happy I decided to enlist their service. I originally intended to create the ePub myself, but after lots of trial and error I began looking for outside help. Of all the people I contacted, Bob was the quickest to respond and the most thorough in explaining the process. I also felt the prices were very reasonable. I would not hesitate to recommend the m to others or to use them again for future projects. Many thanks!”

I’ll definitely get in touch with any other eBook projects.

All the best,

Kindle Store: No Woman’s Land
Author: Mary Schrider

Mary Schrider

“This is the second time I’ve used the company and once again I am very satisfied with the results.  Prompt responses to emails and a professional attitude throughout.  I shall be using them again.”

Kindle StoreThe Road to Tranquila
Author: Patricia Melia

Patricia Melia

“To be honest, I had already tried many conversion software currently available on the Internet before contacting Supremus Group LLC. So many times I desperately tried to run the allegedly easy conversion process myself, but I was always unsuccessful. Especially when it came to transfer not only the actual manuscript of my books, but most of all the hypertexted index and table of contents to Kindle format, all the shareware or commercial applications I tried simply failed to work and deliver any good result. In a nutshell: if I had to convert any other document into the most popular e-book reader formats, I would absolutely go back to the pros at Supremus Group LLC.”

Kindle Store1914-1918 A Brief History of the First World War
Nook Store: 1914-1918 A Brief History of the First World War
Author: Alessandro Gualtieri

Alessandro Gualtieri

“I want to personally thank Bob, and Sharon in particular, for their consistent courtesy, professionalism and extra attention you-all have put into making my eBook possible. I feel many lives will be touched and blessed with wealth in the golden years through this remarkable inspirational confidence building book, Retire Lucky – Retirement Innovation. Again, thanks so much!”

Best regards,

Kindle StoreRetire Lucky
Nook StoreRetire Lucky
Apple StoreRetire Lucky
Author: Sam M. Ali

Sam M. Ali

“You’ve done an amazing job of formatting my novel, as always.  Simply amazing.  I would wholeheartedly recommend your services.  Your work is perfection, and your expertise is second to none.  I look forward to having you format my next book soon.  Again, you are simply, without doubt, the very best.”

Kindle StoreCoyote Horny
Author: Ronald Micci

Ronald Micci

Sharon and Bob have given me hours of free tech support in regard to my numerous questions. They have been available for an actual phone call, not just a ‘live chat’ or e-mail support as so many companies do now days. THe consumer needs a direct phone line support system which Bob and Sharon do provide, along with patience towards those of us who are not computer or tech-savy. I don’t understand some of the terms, but they’re right there to help me out….at no addiitonal charge, once you pay the initial fee to them.

Author: Mary L. Foess
Vassar, MI

Mary L. Foess

I was referred to Supremus Group by a mentor. I’m grateful to that mentor! I needed my Word doc converted to .epub and .prc formats quickly. I’d been struggling for a couple days trying to get a lengthy table of contents to work correctly. I was so happy to hand over the project to someone I could trust. The converted files are done perfectly. I was pleased by the pricing and delighted by the result. Thank you, Supremus, for excellent work.

Kindle Store: Helping Your Young Child
Author: Jerilyn Marler
Quincy Companion Books

Jerilyn Marler

I recently used the services of Supremus Group LLC to convert a story I wrote into the correct format for Kindle. This was my first attempt at writing something for publication on Kindle, and working with Bob and Sharon made the process very smooth and hassle-free. I highly recommend Supremus Group to anyone looking for this type of service.

Kindle Store: Pack the Charmin and other interesting travel observations
Author: Kathy Allsup Carron

Kathy Allsup Carron

If there were ever a computer illiterate, it is me. I am 68 years old and the idea of self-publishing my first novel, Born of The Valley, was terrifying.

I had a pretty good knowledge of MS Word, and my computer converted it easily to pdf for the print edition; however, the thought of then going forward with both the Kindle and i-book editions terrified me again.

A published writer friend recommended a company to do the conversions, but their turnaround was 12 weeks, too long. I searched for the service and found What convinced me to try them were the testimonials.

As a writer, I can well appreciate the value of a good review. lived up to its testimonials, both Bob and Sharon. There were times when she walked me through the process figuratively holding my hand. The first files she sent had no errors, no problems, and she graciously corrected some typos in the word document. (To let you know how ignorant I am, I kept trying to read the Kindle file in Word.)

Who knows what the technology will be in two or three years when I have finished my sequel to Born of The Valley? Not me, so I will once again rely on Sharon and Bob.

Kindle Store: Born of The Valley
Nook Store: Born of The Valley
Author: Cynthia A Modlin, Camco Publishing, Old Hickory, TN.

Cynthia A Modlin, Camco Publishing, Old Hickory, TN.

Bob and Sharon are professionals. They listen to my wishes and are doing their best to meet my requirements. I’m coming back for my next Kindle. Thank you!

Kindle Store: Butterfly, A novel
Author: Julie O’Yang

Julie O'Yang provided good service with a quality finished product. The website is very informative and when I had questions, they were answered. The price was better than other sites. I’ll come back for my next conversion project. –

Kindle Store: A Parent’s Guide to the Emergency Room
Author: John Vonhof, Footwork Publications.

John Vonhof, Footwork Publications.

Everyone at Supremus Group is amazing. They do exactly what they say they are going to do quickly and competently. They are patient, honest, talented, and always available. I had pages of feedback and multiple versions. I can’t believe they stuck with me. I am so grateful!!!”

Kindle Store: A Speck of Light: How to Free Yourself From Emotional Darkness
Nook Store: A Speck of Light: How to Free Yourself From Emotional Darkness
Author: Deanna McDaniel

Deanna McDaniel

I self-published my fiction book ‘A Glorious Sadness’ with and I have to confess to being very nervous about the whole thing. The book took me over a year to get to the point where I was really proud of the content and ready to go onto the Kindle but when you’re starting out and brand new to ebooks you live and die on the presentation and professional (or otherwise) look of your product. were superb and perfect for someone like me. They don’t mind a silly question or two, or a fussy client and I have no ideas what hours they work but it appears to be all the time as answers to questions were prompt and efficient; despite the significant difference in timezones. I was delighted with the final result which was true to the word document I sent to them and gives me a fighting chance in the Kindle market. I am well into my next book and I will be contacting again when it’s good to go. Great service and value for money for what they do.

Kindle Store: A Glorious Sadness
Author: Charlie Gallagher, UK

Charlie Gallagher, UK have formatted three of my books for publication on Kindle and I have been very pleased with the results. Following an expensive experience elsewhere, I was also very pleased with their reasonable prices, and also Sharon’s friendly customer support service with prompt and patient replies to my queries. I hate the impersonal nature of many online outfits who clearly don’t want to be phoned and who prefer to respond to email queries with a standard letter and a set of links or forums to check out. have found the winning formula!

Kindle Store: The Principles of Excellence — King Solomon’s master class in creativity
Author: John Thomas

John Thomas

When I was near completion of this book, A Family’s Passage, I began to look around for a professional organization to take me from Windows format to files that could be uploaded to Kindle and to the various ePub platforms. I was very nervous about this, because my life experience suggests that things can go very wrong at the last minute of any project, and I did not want that to happen here.

I talked to Bob, understood what service he was offering and stayed in touch with him through the final three months of editing and formatting. My sister, Joyce, was the person who bore great responsibility for this stage of the project, and she and Bob were able to work together, fielding questions and making steady progress. We learned a lot, but Bob was willing to share that information with us.

The final stage has been a joy; files completed and now uploaded to Kindle. The appearance of the book on the web site and now the opportunity for us to relax (Joyce and I), and just say thank you, Bob and Sharon. I have already recommended them to another author who seeks to transfer digital copy published in hard copy to an ebook. My friend will have a great experience.

Thanks to everyone at ebookconversion. I have had a great time.

Kindle Store: A Family’s Passage
Author: Dick Snyder

Dick Snyder

My experience with your services has been first rate. Thank you for walking me through the process and for your willingness to answer my questions by phone or email, whichever was most convenient for me. Many times technological companies often are not the best in the area of communication with their customers. This has not been the case with your company and services. Thank you for meeting the deadline of my project.

Kindle Store: Big Shoes: A Young Widowed Mother’s Memoir
Nook Store: Big Shoes: A Young Widowed Mother’s Memoir
Author: Lisa Bradshaw

Lisa Bradshaw did a great job on our conversions. Friendly, polite and promptly returned phone calls and emails . Will use again !!

Kindle Store: Miss Flutterby Says, “Don’t Bug Me!”
Nook Store: Miss Flutterby Says, “Don’t Bug Me!”
Author: Will Nielsen

Will Nielsen

I was very impressed with Supremus Group. Not only were they much less expensive than other conversion houses, but they delivered the product on time and with great results. Even when I mistakenly asked for the wrong file type, Supremus Group was gracious and sent me the corrected file type quickly and at no additional charge.

Furthermore, my ebook was a kid’s picture book and a very difficult file to convert.

I just previewed the file and it looks great. My ebook is now on sale for the Kindle and I couldn’t be happier.

Kindle Store: The Hippo Campus


I’m pleased with every aspect of the service I received from your company. I was provided with fast respnse time, dependable results and my questions or problems were addressed or replied to in quick order.

Kindle Store: A Realm Within Time
Author: Fred La Lone

Fred La Lone

I want to thank everyone at Supremus Group LLC for the outstanding work that was done to get my book published. Sharon is truly gifted. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to sell their book online. I am in the process of writing another book and I will definitely request their services again.

Kindle Store: Basic Guide to Visit, Study, Work, or Live in The United States of America
Author: Rose

Rose did an excellent job with converting my book to an ebook in two formats. When writers/publishers want books converted, they are often bombarded by so many companies that claim to do these services but can’t properly deliver. Of course, this can be devastating. It can be a waste of time and money. But Bob Mehta does more than deliver. He has to be the best in the field. He’s a real authority and professional in every aspect of ebook conversion.

Many other companies use ebook conversion software that often leaves writers/publishers with books not properly formatted. Two pages are meshed together or bullets missing. Bob, however, builds each book using html and this is needed is needed for the conversion process. In fact, Bob is an expert at formatting. From the first file sent to me by, I knew that I had come to the right place.’s work is flawless. Their turnaround time is great. They work hard to help writers keep deadlines. And their prices are excellent. If there are corrections to be made, the company cheerfully works with clients to accomodate their needs and this is so meaningful for those going through the process for the first time. Bob and Sharon work very well with writers and this is so appreciated. They are professional, efficient and extremely wonderful in their approach. They go the extra mile with writers/publishers and this is very hard to find in the sea of companies offering services.

I highly recommend for anyone who wants a quality job done in a timely manner. Before coming to Bob, I had heard the horror stories of incorrect ebook formatting done for others. So I was even a little skeptical about getting my book converted at all. Was it possible to find someone or a company who could actually do the job? But there was no need to worry with Bob. From the first file sent to me by, I knew that this company was an expert in ebook conversion. From that moment on, I have had nothing but great experiences with them. I can only say wonderful things to say about this company. You can’t go wrong with their services. They’re the best!

Kindle Store: Colin Kersey
Author: President, CMI Business Books, Career Marketing International

Colin Kersey

I tried several so called professional companies to convert my 9 self help books to mobi and epub files. They all failed. I do admit my books have a lot of illustrations and photos and maybe not the easiest to convert to digital format. But both these companies looked at the books before they started work on them and stated it would not be a problem converting the files and i would be 100% satisfied. But unfortunately they did not have the expertise to do what they claimed they could. Lucky for me my next stop in getting my books converted was with Bob and the Supremus Group. Not only did he convert my books to 100% of my satisfaction, they did it in a timely manner. I have 20 video books in the works and I am giving Bob all the work next year. Do yourself a favor and go with Bob for your ebook conversions you will not regret it. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Author: Steve Murray

Steve Murray

Looking for a professional firm to handle your e-book conversion? These guys are fantastic. They converted Soul Catcher from the hard cover to all the proper e-book formats, corrected the OCR errors quickly, and held my hand through the entire process. I heartily recommend them.

Kindle Store: Soul Catcher
Nook Store: Soul Catcher
Author: Colin Kersey

Colin Kersey

Over the past two months I’ve been working with the EBOOK CONVERSION in formatting my book, “Calming The Raging Storm” for ebook publication. From beginning in November to completion this week I’ve been impressed with the speed and efficiency with which both “Bob” and “Sharon” solved my problems and enabled my e-book to be accepted by Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Apple, etc. For anyone like myself, unfamiliar with the whole formatting process, I recommend EBOOK CONVERSION as a valuable asset, and a dependable partner.

Kindle Store: Calming The Raging Storm
Nook Store: Calming The Raging Storm
Author: David Barton

David Barton

The staff of ebook conversion was very supportive and efficient. I received the file conversions quickly and they were done very nicely. I will definitely be using them again.

Kindle Store: Medical Practice Marketing
Author: D. Groves, Los Angeles, CA

D. Groves, Los Angeles, CA

You might think that creating a Kindle conversion of your previously published book is simple but it is not. I wanted my electronic version of Ordinary Grace to be as professional and well-done as the original print version. Luckily, I found professional, courteous, expert help at For a modest fee, they took all the guessing away and delivered a perfect product. Nice work!”

Kindle Store: Ordinary Grace
Author: Kathleen A Brehony

Kathleen A Brehony

I have now had two books converted from PDF source files to Kindle and Epub files. I have enjoyed working with the folks at Supremus Group LLC. This is not some automated impersonal service where a software program does everything (hopefully). You get to deal with real people. Bob and Sharon are right there and very responsive. Sharon sees the book through from beginning to end and will make corrections until everything is right and with no increase in price. The cost is reasonable for all the personal attention and technical skill involved.

Worlds of Spirit
Author: Eric Strauss

Eric Strauss

The conversion process was so easy and seamless, I never really had a chance to see how the customer service was. I assume it’s just as easy and seamless as the ebook product. Thank you!

Kindle Store: Montessori Madness! A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education
Nook Store: Montessori Madness! A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education
Apple Store: Montessori Madness! A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education
Author: Trevor Eissler

Trevor Eissler

Thanks so much to Bob and Sharon at eBook Conversion for their work on my book’s Kindle and ePub files. It was a huge relief to be able to outsource this function to a company with so much experience, because I didn’t have a clue about how to properly prepare files for the rapidly growing e-book reader market. And their price for the conversions was very affordable. Considering the importance of this market, I honestly would have paid twice the amount and still would have thought it was a bargain! Also, they were very patient with me during the process and made sure the final result was exactly what I wanted. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work!

Kindle Store: The Supermanager
Nook Store: The Supermanager
Author: Greg Blencoe

Greg Blencoe did a great job converting my Word document for my novel, Evidence and Judgment, into the electronic files I needed to publish the edition of my novel. The work was done quickly and accurately. With the links and information they gave me on ePublishing, it was easy to get started and I’ve already earned royalties on sales of the edition of my book.

Kindle Store: Evidence and Judgment
Nook Store: Evidence and Judgment
Author: Lynn Clarke

Lynn Clarke

I am extremely pleased with the work of Bob’s team at They took care with every step of the process and were not satisfied until the ebook file was perfect.

Author: Bill Corsa
Specialty Book Marketing, Inc.

Bill Corsa

When I contacted your company. I was very skeptical because your ad promised
so much, for such a reasonable price. I felt sure you’d never deliver. You
delivered what you promised and so much more. Reasonable Price. Turnaround
time and Quality service.

First your patience with me was outstanding. I kept sending the wrong file
and instead of getting upset and angry with me Bob simply explained to me
via e-mail (over and over) what he needed me to do.

2nd : I had trouble downloading the Photo for my book cover. After several
attempts and several e-mails Bob asked if I would give him the info and he
downloaded the photo himself for my book cover. There is no way another
company would have given me that kind of attention or service.

Third: The recent death of my child, took a tremendous toll on my emotions.
I couldn’t think straight and even the simple things I was being asked to do
I couldn’t. Well! Bob and his staff went beyond what I could have even
expected and make sure my book got converted and the content of my book is
exceptional. The quality, unspeakable. Don’t take my word for it. Check out
my Ebook “Sweet Addiction” at

To Bob, Sharon and all the staff at eBook conversion. Wow! You’re the
Greatest. I’ll be sending you my second book “Shimmer” for E-book

Kindle Store: Sweet Addiction 
Author:  Zena Jeans

Zena Jeans

Anyone who is planning to get their book up on Kindle or any other company that hosts e-books for sale are advised to use the services of Bob Mehta at the Supremus Group. As a 75 year old who is not completely computer savy, Bob’s patience and expertise made the task so easy for me.

Thanks Bob and your great staff.

Kindle Store: Keeping The Funnel Full
Nook Store: Keeping The Funnel Full
Apple Store: Keeping The Funnel Full
Author : Don Thomson, President
Mardon Marketing Company Inc

Don Thomson, President

I want to thank you for the great job you did converting my files for epub. As you know, I was not at all familiar with the process; but you held my hand and got me through it! Well done! I recommend you to anyone for book conversion.You went the extra mile, which is a rare find these days.

Kindle Store: Meet Franklin Bean
Nook Store: Meet Franklin Bean
Author: Emmy Swain

Emmy Swain

I’ve recently came across Supremus Group LLC and, in a nutshell, they’ve
been able to quickly deliver exactly what I needed to publish my book on
Amazon’s Kindle.
My book, which is a history essay, does not feature any picture, but still
the experts at Supremus Group LLC did a terrific job in formatting the
comprehensive table of contents and each single page of my some 100-page
manuscript exactly as I requested. Last but not least, it only took them
some ten days and I did not have to pay a fortune for the conversion
service. Way to go Supremus Group LLC!”

1914-1918 Breve Storia della Prima Guerra Mondiale
Author: Alessandro Gualtieri

Alessandro Gualtieri

I write a great amount of both prose and poetry for my web blog site; so that when the postings on the site become of sufficient density, they need to be converted into books. I’ve always found this conversion service to be superior to any other for that purpose, and highly recommend it to others.

Kindle Store: CHANTER
Nook Store: CHANTER
Author: William O’Connor

William O'Connor

I have found working with ebook versions both enjoyable and rewarding. The challenge of converting my three books was met and managed promptly and with efficiency. All three Dimestorenovels are now uploaded to Kindle and selling well. I am more than happy with the end result and hope to work with both Bob and Sharon again in the near future.

Kindle Store: Dimestorenovels
Author: Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams

I couldn’t be happier with the way the ebook versions (Kindle and Epub) of my novel “Tamara’s Child” turned out. Bob and Sharon at were great to work with, answering all my questions and concerns promptly and professionally. And I was surprised at how reasonably priced their services are. I highly recommend to anyone looking to publish in digital format.

Kindle Store: Tamara’s Child: a novel
Nook Store: Tamara’s Child: a novel
Author: B K Mayo

B K Mayo

This is old-fashioned service. You deal with real people who see your need, understand it, and meet the need. Quick service. Very nice job. With all “Internet” people out there, you’re just never sure of what you’ll get. This was different and I recommend them very highly.

Author: Peter Gilboy, Ph.D
The American Pearl

Peter Gilboy, Ph.D

Recently your company converted my manuscript Endurance into Epub and Mobi version ebooks. The expertise of your company resulted in a great looking book. As a result of your company’s outstanding performance, my book has been published on Amazon’s Kindle,, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, iBooks, and other publishers and booksellers. In the coming months, I will be completing my second book, that I will send to, based on my positive experience with your company. Thank you for talking to me on the phone and addressing my concerns about my first book. And thanks to everyone in your company for your excellent service.
Author: Gordon V. Smith
Kindle Store: ENDURANCE

“It’s not that common today to find a service provider that is extremely capable, responsible and outperforms its promises. Bob and his people are such a provider”.
Author: Morris W. Dorosh
Kindle Store: If You Ask Me