Fixed layout ePub

The basic idea is to offer books where the layout is as important part of the communication as the content. These are perfect for cookbooks, travel books, photography books, and particularly children?s books and some textbooks.

A fixed layout ebook has a pixel specific page size that you can use to precisely control the layout of the text, images, tables and other objects on the pages. The fixed layout ePub allows to embed fonts, choose particular text sizes, and precisely position images.

We offer fixed layout ePub for iPad and Nook.

It also even facilitates to create a two-page spread in which a single image spans both pages. The fixed layout ePub also helps text and images to get zoomed in the ebook reader but it is like zooming a picture. The text does not reflow and you will have to pan around to see the page. The books are primarily images with text overlays and in this fashion. is one of the pioneer in the ebook conversion business. We have expert team with years of experience in ebook conversion. We have gathered expertise in fixed layout ePub format file, which is one of the growing demands of authors and publishers.

Please email us the PDF file at We can receive PDF file up to 35 MB. If the size of the PDF file is larger, you can upload it on our FTP server. Please contact us for login and password.

We convert the PDF format file for authors, publishers, and copyright owners. If the book is no longer copyright protected, then please provide us with details on it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or call Bob at Supremus Group at (515) 865-4591.

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My publisher produced a Kindle version of my book that not only destroyed the artistic value of the work but also took little advantage of what can be achieved today using electronic book technology. The chapter numbers were seen to overlay the chapter titles; the maps and photographs had been removed (good thing I put in captions); special characters that required unique fonts were rendered as boxes, and the Internet addresses (URLs) in the endnotes were not “hot.” (To say the least, this in one unique novel!) I really was embarrassed. For very little additional investment, I asked Bob Mehta to create a Kindle version that replicated the paperback edition in every respect, something he achieved within one week. I was absolutely amazed to read this version on my PC and to see the resolution of the maps and photographs. It was even more fun to click on the hot URLs in the endnotes and bring up the references cited. I was so thrilled with Bob’s work that I gave his Kindle version to my publisher with the request that they replace their version on with the one Bob created. (P.S.: Bob just created an equally capable ePub version for me.)
Name withheld by request.