iPad ebook Conversion

iPad ebook ConversionePubConversion.com provides conversion of MS Word and PDF format files to epub ebook format for iPad, iPhone, Kindle and many other electronic reading devices. Apple’s iPad has gained much popularity in a very short period of time, increasing the demand for epub ebook format to be compatible with an iPad.

The iPad ebook reader is featured with many useful tools that help readers view ebooks in the desired way. The reader can turn the iPad to portrait to view a single page or can view two pages side by side in landscape mode. The user can change the font and highlight any word to look it up in the built-in iPad dictionary or Wikipedia. With many embedded features, iPad made the dreams of ebook reader’s expectations come true.

At ePubConversion.com, we help authors and publishers convert their PDF, InDesign, and MS Word file to epub format to view on an iPad. However, we just do not convert the file to iPad format, but also we validate and adhere to iPad guidelines in order to make the converted file display properly.

Convert to iPad ebook

The process of iPad Conversion also include validatation of epub format by passing it through ePubCheck 1.0.5 and removing much of the page-based formatting (page numbers, headers and footers, page breaks, etc.) that is not relevant to the e-reading context. We will also guide you through publishing the book on iBookstore.

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