Factors To Consider While Choosing Ebook Conversion Partner

Ebooks such as kindle format eBooks, ePUB format eBooks are becoming more popular as the trend of book reading users have changed. The electronic reading devices kindle and iPad had made a big revolution in the publication market.

Publication Partner is one of the most important aspects in Book Publication Business, especially for individual authors and small publication houses, no matter what kind of service your allies provide to you. From editing, cover designing to print and distribution, you need help of a partner. The same strategy applies for ebook publication business.

From ebook publication point of view, it is extremely important for book publishers and individual authors to choose a well-established and highly designated ebook conversion service provider in order to avoid future problems in their ebook publication and distribution. It is quite risky to outsource the ebook conversion work to vendors outside USA as this can impose privacy issue in your publication business.

Genuine Testimonials are one of the most important things that an author or publishers can look into before outsourcing their ebook conversion service to any offshore company. Testimonials bring lot of trust and idea how the performance as well as the service of any one company is.

Following are some of the things that you need to ask & keep in mind when you select your vendor for ebook conversion.

Physical address of the company

If the website does not have street address for the business, it means that the company is NOT based in USA. If the company has just the PO box address then it is better to call and find out more about the company to make sure the company is incorporated in USA. Ask for w-9 form if you are not sure about the company.

Phone number

With the USA phone numbers available for companies outside USA through services like Skype, magicjack etc, sometimes it can be misleading in assuming that business is based in USA.

Customer service hours

Ask the vendor on their phone customer support hours. Most of USA based business will provide customer service over the phone and email. Vendors out of USA will have only email support or will call you back after you leave a voicemail with a very bad connection. Ask the customer support from which country he is based in. You can use trick questions like how is weather there, what is your federal tax number etc.

Preferred vendor for any retailer/publisher

Ask the vendor if they are preferred vendor for Amazon OR Apple OR Barnes & Noble. Does any big USA based publishers use them as a vendor?

Testimonials of past clients

Ask vendor for the testimonials of their past clients whose books are already listed for sale on Kindle & other readers.

Samples of some of the pages from clients who gave testimonial

Many times companies write fake testimonials. To ensure that the testimonial is genuine, ask to see few pages of the converted book for the publisher who gave testimonials.

eReaders to Test the eBook

Many vendors don’t have all the readers like iPad, Kindle fire, Nook color and others. They only test it on free software which cannot display how you will see the file on those readers.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accreditation

If the business is BBB accredited then you are assured that they meet the 16 grading elements and a business to trust.

How many years in business

It is very important to find out how many years old is the business. This will help you to weed out the fly by night operators or business who just started new who may not have necessary expertise to convert the file as per the guidelines. Bad file can result in rejection of your book.

Beware of Free ISBN or cheap ISBN.

May publishers sell ISBN or give free ISBN. In that case that company becomes your legal publisher and then they have rights on your book too. Check with your lawyer or vendor who sells the book. Get something in writing to avoid any legal issues in future.

Retaining the formatting within your file

Many companies strip formatting, images, table etc to reduce the cost of conversion. A good conversion company will try to retain as much as possible to keep the good look in the file.

Some publishers/authors have horror stories when they used a vendor out of USA. One author found out that the book was changed a little bit and published by the conversion company as their own content. Some vendors outside USA charge a very small amount for conversion to lure the authors/publishers who are looking for cheapest service. Revenue for such vendors may include translating your book into other language and selling it as their own.

We hope that this article helps you to understand that all ebook conversion services CANNOT be compared only on price only and you get what you pay for.

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