Reasons to Carry an Ebook Travel Guide on Your Next Expedition

With the growing popularity of Ebooks, carrying heavy books on your adventure trip is soon going to be outdated. In the era of electronic books, Ebooks are the best options. Enlisted below are the firm reasons to carry an Ebook Travel guide on your forthcoming journey:

1. The average paperback travel guide from Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Frommer’s and Fodor’s is a considerable 1 kilo in weight.

2. Less weight in your luggage will save you cash. With budget airlines restricting weight and charging for checking in luggage, space is a premium.

3. You can now read eBook travel guides from all the major brands on iPhone, iPad, Smart phones, net books, laptops as well as eBook readers.

4. Amazon Kindle provides free App’s so you can read your travel guide on multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, net books), and Lonely Planet publishes their travel guides in PDF format, that can be read on Kindle eBook readers.

5. eBook versions of travel guides are easier to use, as you can search for towns, and info without have to worry about index and pages numbers.

6. You can get the latest versions of all the major travel guides instantly without having to wait for manual delivery.

7. You can carry more than one guide book with you for longer multiple country trips without the problem of weight.

8. An electronic travel guide is more portable, allowing you to carry it with you where ever you go, and saving you from destroying your much prized travel bible by tearing out pages.

9. Your eBooks are stored on a secure server, so if you loose your electronic devise, you haven’t lost your travel guide.

10. Buying the electronic version saves trees!

To search the latest versions of all of the major travel guides from (Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Frommer’s, Fodor’s, and Time Out) from all the leading retailers in one easy to use site, visit and lighten your luggage!

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