Fiction Ebooks – Favourite of Readers

Ficition Ebooks have always been hot favourite amongst its readers. The latest market study released by Bowker has proved it as well. As per “2010–2011 U.S. Book Consumer Demographics & Buying Behaviors Annual Review,” out of total sales in year 2010, fiction accounted for 61% of unit sales and almost 51% of revenue is generated. Following Fiction Ebooks on second place is the children’s segment accounting for 21% of unit sales.

An added indication of e-books’ value in the fiction market is the format’s share of unit sales among genres. Of the 10 genres where e-books represented a significant portion of sales in 2010, only one, biography/autobiography, was nonfiction. The genre where e-books accounted for the highest portion of unit sales was literary/classics, where e-books generated 20% of unit sales last year. The high percentage reflects the large number of public domain titles of classic books being sold through a variety of Web sites.

The Bowker study, written in cooperation with PW, documents the influence e-books are having on every aspect of the book business, even though the format’s market share of all book-buying was only 4% of units at the end of 2010. One major impact is on sales of all books by channel. Boosted by sales of e-books and led by Amazon, online retailers accounted for more sales than bookstore chains in 2010, capturing 30% of sales compared to 29% for the major chains. In 2009, online retailers accounted for 19% of sales, while the chains had 37%. Not only are online retailers benefiting from higher e-book sales but consumers who buy e-books from a particular site often buy their print books there as well. It is that combination of e-book and print book sales that had Amazon and Barnes & Noble tied as the country’s largest booksellers last year.

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